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About Ami Locker

Technology has made information within everyone's reach. But, what to read and what to refrain from is a bigger challenge in front of today's generation.

Ami-Locker is a lock screen app for Android smartphones that uses your phone's internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) & let you access new lock screen wallpapers with amazing stories daily.

Ami-Locker is power packed with HD wallpapers full of fun, beauty, fashion, current affairs, wonder, cuteness, discovery, travel, scenery etc. Overall, the app gives a dash of style & knowledge to your life.

Ami Locker Feature

1. Daily new HD wallpapers with incredible knowledge and must-known updates from all over the globe.

2. Gionee ensures high-quality pictures and great stories which are hand-picked by a sophisticated team so that the users enjoy quality reading.

3. Negligible data cost since the format of the wallpapers is customized for faster and convenient downloads.

4. It doesn't require you to spend unnecessary memory of your phone as the wallpapers are downloaded only if you save them by your own.

5. 'Share' option gives you a freedom of speech and expression with your friends and families on Whatsapp, FB, Twitter etc..

6. 'Subscribe' option empowers you to make your own bouquet by letting you choose the categories of wallpapers you like the most.

7. Short and sweet description of the wallpaper gives you quality reading in a nutshell, however, 'More' tab takes you to the land of extended reading if you really like that article.

8. Download the app and get access to global knowledge with beauty that 'you' like.


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