Where has the Signal gone? - Ziyuan Li
September 25, 2014
“Hello! Is there anything we can help you? “My phone signal so bad? Always get disconnected, isn’t it octal core? High configuration? ......” As gionee phone sale customer service staff, we often receive such complain from users. Where does the phone “signal” come from, how does it work? Let me to reveal the "signal" of the mystery of life now.

Signal comes from where ?
honeycomb or hexagonal Jun are important terms for a phone. Just as no planet there would be no humans, no cellular network, and mobile monarch would not exist. With the words of human beings is the cell phone signal from a base station, namely China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom towers. Spread similar to a cellular phone signal (hexagonal) principle , in the six point is that cellular phone signal towers .

Ideal is perfect, while the reality is critical. Phone signal propagation theory is far from perfect. In the city of skyscrapers , birds do not lay eggs in the wilderness , in the dark narrow tunnel , the phone signal will always be seriously distorted, and coverage will be blind spots. If no cell phone signal in a certain place, there will be a lot of customers complaining about the phone signal is poor.

The above is a signal dead tragedy, let’s look into the cutting and chaotic signal relationship.

What signal does it work?
People separated by thousands of miles, what is the normal language to communicate it? What kind of magical technology?

With 3G network as an example, some radio frequency to multiple phones sharing, information chaos it will happen? The answer is: Of course! Like some kind of voice-activated devices, when a person controls it, it can react quickly, but when a group of people at the same time control, it will not work properly. To avoid this situation, each handset uses a different code. If this radio frequency compared to a cell of the parking lot, then the phone is in the district where the owners live. Suppose there on the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd parking lot, only to buy the same number of parking spaces to park the car owners in the same parking lot. That is, only using the same radio frequency for a smooth phone call.

Further, the radio frequency in the same coverage area may be repeated using a different base station of it? The answer is: Of course! Far apart from each other due to a base station, and radio of limited range will not cause interference with each other. Like car owners parked in the same parking space or different parking space.

When more than one person uses the cell towers, transmission towers will be pressured. Then what will happen? Think about the food stalls to eat, the waiter will always give priority service to those who called meal relatively loud. Signal tower is the same, it will only serve the strongest signal priority phone.

If your phone has difficulty receiving signals in a crowd, it only means, it lost in the “battle of signals”.

Where to find signals
What to do when there are no signals?

If you are indoors, stay away from electric appliances, move to a place where there are less obstacles, let the phone “breath” fresh signals.

If you are outdoors, stay away from blind spots. Look for the signals that match up to your phone. If signals are not active, take the initiative to move around.

To sum up:
If phone signals are weak, check if the local signals are stable, check periodically, move around, or turn on flight mode for five minutes before restarting the phone. If the problem is not resolved after restarting the phone, it is recommended that you back up all important files and contact list, store the phone to factory settings, or contact Gionee customer service and take the phone to a designated Gionee service center. The staff will follow the “Three guarantee” provisions to serve you.